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Eveline Cosmetics products are available in more then 60 countries all over the world, and the list of new markets is continuously expending. We’ve gained a renowned position in most of the Central European (Czech Republic, Slovenia, Hungary) and Eastern European (traditional Russian-speaking markets) countries. Our products are also very popular in Balkans – in Croatia, Serbia and Romania; in Bulgaria we are a vice-leader on tanning treatment market. We are also present in the United States, Finland, Taiwan and South  Korea, and Arabic countries such as Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Iraq. Such a wide activity area enabled us to succeed in sales culminating yearly in more then 70 million pieces.

The trust of the foreign clients is gained mainly due to our quality policy. We constantly verify the quality of products exported to various countries. Our company, as well as the production plant, are being often audited by representatives of certifying institutions from all the countries we export our products to.

This way we are able to confirm the quality policy and regulatory compliance with the requirements of the given country. The last audit was conducted at the end of the last year. As a result Eveline Cosmetics received a positive opinion by an Iranian certifying institution. For such a policy we have been prized with a Transparent Company certificate, given by an international corporation Dun  & Bradstreet. Our company’s high flexibility, allowing quick response to the new trends and changes in the cosmetic industry, and consequent quality policy are the key factors enabling our success in the countries we are already present, as well as on the new markets we are planning to conquer.


La Rive – a trademark with the vast experience based on the French art of smell composition.

We offer a broad variety of perfume and toilet eau, which constitute an alternative to the products of well-known brands. Our high quality products are available in reasonable prices.

We have obtained market success on the Central and East European markets, and we are also present on the German market.
Each flask of our perfume contains carefully chosen scent essence, powered with the heart of France. We get our inspirations from the country, which is the home of the art of scent creation and where our scents are born.

Thanks to the aforementioned processes we obtain exclusive, permanent and ethereal scents. We owe this effect to the careful operation of our development team, which apart from professionalism is characterized by high accuracy and the sense of intuition during the process of smell creation as well as during the process of creation of our products’ colour palette.

Aesthetic, high quality packaging and perfume flasks which are always in accordance with the new trends, is what constitutes our feather in the cap.

We put great attention to the need of ensuring the felling of luxury to our clients who value high quality at a reasonable price.

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